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Being a Muslim Matrimonial site aimed at helping out Muslim population in the lurch, we tend to take care of your needs while obeying the regular shariah laws. With especially sisters registered with us, we understand the concern hence in the light of it devise the below mentioned privacy policy. Our main aim is to keep your Muslim marriage journey safer and more comfortable with us. While we repeatedly convey in our address to you about how behaving on a Muslim matrimonial site, especially to ensure modesty is observed, a two-way concern is required. Hoping you are mature enough to understand these concerns we present before you our privacy policy:

1. What information does Nikah Forever collect from you?

  • Our registration forms seek only that much information from you that will generate a precise filter matching your matrimonial needs. As such, the data you provide including name, Identity, place of residence, DOB, and your other interests you put up in your profile represents it all that we directly present before your prospects. The profile picture is optional and its appearance, in turn, is your discretion. We obtain all these permissions to help you maintain a profile for others to see in deciding about their marriages.
  • Alongside, we make use of third-party intervention to make avail online transactions. The razorpay will be used to entertain all credit card related transactions. While we try to maintain your safety and security from our end, the peril of your account being misused due to any discrepancy from your end is eminent including sharing of passwords, credit card details without the company's direct involvement. Hence any changes made during this mishap is utterly your responsibility, and Nikah Forever shall not be held responsible for that.
  • Your log in activities, your online activities while on Nikah Forever is continuously monitored for effective regulation. As we state again and again that ours is not a dating website, and people should refrain from using such ways to attract the attention of the members here. The work is purely related to the pure intentions of engaging in Muslim marriage activities which should not be diverted.
  • Since we ask for the OTP number attained upon registering your contact number with us, it gives us access to your SMS inbox to automatically detect that OTP without you doing any manual activity. Also, while selecting a particular profile picture, we seek permission from you to access your gallery. While we claim responsibility for not misusing that information, setting up the image for matrimonial purposes is entirely your discretion as stated above.
  • Often to save you from remembering multiple passwords for that we make use of Google save passwords to save your login sessions. This is only done to increase the ease for marriage searches for you.

2. How do we use this information?

  • Improving your experience with us by sorting out matching profiles for marriage purposes.
  • Help you gain a trust badge by linking your govt. Recognized ID proofs.
  • Help you provide better customer service in Muslim matrimonial choices.
  • Receive regular feedback to improve the overall customer experience.

3. With whom do we share this information?

  • Your prospects, i.e. the people who in turn, look for people matching your profile and are looking for active matrimony suggestions.
  • Our members on board to improve your experience with us.
  • Law agencies to ensure the country's basic protocol while interacting and dealing with people is observed so that no exploitation results.

4. How to control the information you share with us?

  • There's always provision for editing your profile, including deleting and adding more information to it. That doesn't require any special permission. You are under your own discretion to decide the flow of your matrimonial journey with us.

5. How secure is your information?

  • While we attempt to safeguard your information but no data on the world wide web itself is impenetrable as such, we expect you to undertake any and every proceeding while understanding the risks. We in our capacity strive towards using the best security software generally accepted by the industry and claim to make use of the information you enter with us for your healthy experience only.

6. How long do we keep your information?

  • As long as you're registered with us. Once your account is deleted, we no longer entertain your profile with us, and all the data saved for Muslim matrimonial purposes gets deleted.

7. How will you come to know about the changes we make in our Privacy Policy?

  • We post regular updates on our website and also inform you via mail whenever we incorporate changes in our marriage-related privacy policies.

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